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The Guides Company, have put together a Dorado hunting expedition, with guests visiting two exceptional Dorado lodges in the region of Corrientes. The idea is that guests get to experience different scenarios and different waters, in search of the beautiful river tiger.

Fish Species

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Dorado (Salminus maxillosus)

The Dorado, is among one of  the most beautiful fish with  it’s golden, red, and black coloring. Its torpedo body and laterally compressed shape, together with its mouth and strong jaw, give it away as an aggressive fish, and once hooked makes impressive and acrobatic jumps. This interesting fish can be found near confluences, on edges of eddies, riffles, sharp bends in the current, and close to overhanging carpets of water hyacinth. It can be fished in narrow runs, on skinny water, and large deep runs. The Dorado ranges in size from 9 lbs to 16 lbs, although the world record is 53 lbs. It’s the top predator in its ecosystem, and preys on all types of bait fish, mainly mojarra and sabalo. Other food sources such as frogs, mice and birds are also occasional targets.

argentinapira pita



Pira Pita

The Pira Pita grows to about 15 pounds; it is a hard
fighter with good jumps. Pira Pita will often take a dry fly, dead drifted.








Pacu is considered the permit of Argentina, the attraction for anglers is because of its size and power. Pacu, range from 8 to 25 pounds.









According to the guides, this is not a fish! But if one is willing to donate some flies, they are quite fun, and it is another fish to tick off on the species list.







The day starts off with guests meeting for a good breakfast before the fishing which starts about 7am. A guide and a skiff will be provided for every two anglers. Lunch is usually around midday, where skiffs will return back to the lodge. After lunch a small siesta is aloud, with the anglers returning back to the water at 3pm. The afternoon fishing will run until sun set.


The Guides are highly skilled and very experienced, with many years on the river. Your guides will show you the multitude of ever-changing locations where you can make contact with these fish.

8 – 10 weight fly-rod

8 – 10 weight -reel with a large arbor (must have a strong, reliable drag)

8 – 10 weight floating fly-line suitable for tropical conditions

Sinking and intermediate lines can come in handy

9ft 20lb leaders

20 – 30lb braided wire trace


Clothing, footwear, eyewear and sun protection

Long sleeve technical shirts

Technical pants or shorts

Sun gloves

Finger guards or stripping gloves


Cap/wide-brimmed hat

SPF 30+ sunscreen

Polarized sunglasses (copper or brown lenses mirrored for extreme glare)

Rain Jacket

Mosquito spray



Custom fly packs are available through The Guide’s Company

Popular Flies: Sempers, Deceivers, Whistlers, Crease Flies, Poppers, Brush flies, Andino Deceivers.

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