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Providence Atoll ranks amongst one of the best fly-fishing destinations in the world. The Providence Atoll is part of the Farquhar Group of islands in the Seychelles that are part of the Outer Islands.

The atoll is more than 40 km long from it’s north-south axis, and is up to 10 km wide. The total area covered by the atoll is approximating 200 km².

Providence is renowned for its large fish populations and has a huge expanse of wade-able flats. It is a unique atoll with its interlinking lagoon systems, and at low tide the lagoons form meandering rivers and small cascading waterfalls which flow out into aquamarine Indian Ocean.

Fish Species’



Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis)

The Giant Trevally or GT is respected as one of the hardest fighting fish in the Indian Ocean. Its brutal strikes, fast acceleration and sheer size make it a very formidable adversary on fly. What makes this place so incredible is that you can hunt these meter-long brutes on foot, across the vast sand flats and coral edged terra forma.







Bonefish (Albula vulpes)

The bonefish in Providence are bigger and more plentiful than anywhere else in the Seychelles.  Clouds of bonefish roam the flats of Providence and double figure fish are not uncommon.  These fast and streamlined fish can burst into speeds of up to 40km/h with several runs that can easily exceed 150m!






Indo Pacific Permit (Trachinotus blochii)

Permit are considered to be the holy grail of saltwater fly-fishing. These fish are extremely difficult to catch and very large specimens are often encountered at Providence.








Milkfish (Chanos chanos)    

Providence is renowned for its giant sized milkfish that can be targeted on fly. These fish are immensely powerful and battles with these herbivores can last for hours. It remains of the most difficult fish to catch on fly and the most effective method remains the secret of our head guide that pioneered the discipline.






Triggerfish are a highly sought after target on fly. These fish are generally very weary but on occasion they can show a very aggressive behavior and then eagerly take flies. They are surprisingly quick off the mark and triggerfish can fight an enduring dogged battle in which time they can easily crush your fly with their massively powerful jaws.






Other species and offshore

It is hard to determine just how many species of fish have been targeted on fly at Providence. Snappers, barracuda, giant groupers, dogtooth and yellow fin tuna, wahoo, dorado and sailfish and marlin are but a few of the species than can be caught in and around Providence. To this day some of the grouper species remain unidentified by ichthyologists.



Typically anglers will be up early and after breakfast head out to the flats to fish. The fishing day is planned according to the tides in order to give anglers the best opportunity to catch their dream fish. If the tide allows, anglers and guides return to the mother ship for lunch and a break from the sun during midday. During the break anglers can snorkel, or enjoy a siesta and re-hydrate in an air-conditioned environment. The following day’s activities and schedule will be planned the night before between the guides and the captain. If you want to target a specific species, please feel free to mention it to the guides. Weather, tidal movement and the specific species anglers wish to target will be taken into consideration when planning a fishing day.



We are first and foremost a guiding outfit and we have the most experienced guides in the entire Seychelles. The combined experience of all of the guides on one trip exceeds 60 weeks! We work with the 1x Guide to 2x Angler ratio.

– Depart for Farquhar Island from Mahé international Airport        =      1hrs 30minprovidence4
– Arrive Farquhar and board mother ship
– Night navigation Providence                                                 =       6-8 hrs

Sat – Thurs
– 6 full days of fishing Providence        =       approx 6hrs pd

– Night navigation to Farquhar                =       9-12hrs

– Depart from Farquhar for Mahé           =       2hrs 30min



The trips run from a Wednesday to the following Wednesday. All guests are to ensure that they arrive at the agreed meeting point (Mahé domestic terminal) well within the scheduled times of departure and arrival to and from Farquhar. These times will be confirmed closer to the trip date.

Getting to Providence
From Mahé international Airport it is a 1hr 45min private charter flight in a Beechcraft 1900D to Farquhar Island. From Farquhar it is a 6 hour night navigation to Providence.

- Depart for Farquhar Island from Mahé                    1hr 45mins
– International Airport
– Arrive Farquhar and board mother ship
– Night navigation Providence                                        6-8 hrs


– 6 full days of fishing Providence                                approx 6 hrs pd
– Night navigation to Farquhar                                       9-12 hrs

– Depart from Farquhar for Mahé                                  1hrs 45mins


  • 12 weight rod
  • 12 weight reel with a large arbor (must have a strong reliable drag)
  • WF12F floating line for tropics
  • 100 – 130lb monofilament

Bonefish and other species

  • 9 weight rod
  • 9 weight reel with a large arbor(must have a strong reliable drag)
  • WF9F floating line for tropics
  • 16lb 9ft Bonefish leaders
  • 12-20lb Fluorocarbon tippet


  • 12-15wt rod
  • Offshore fly reel with a large arbor reel and loads of backing!
  • 500-700gr deep water express lines
  • 80 – 100lb Fluorocarbon shock leader
  • 40lb breaking tippet

Clothing, Footwear, Eyewear and Sun Protection

  • Long sleeve technical shirts SPF30+ (light colors)
  • Technical pants or shorts (light/dull colors)
  • Flats sneakers
  • Wet-wading / perforated neoprene socks.
  • Gravel guards
  • Sun gloves
  • Finger guards or stripping gloves
  • Buff / bandanna
  • Cap / wide brimmed hat
  • SPF 30+ Sunscreen
  • Polarised Sunglasses (copper / brown lenses, mirrored for extreme glare)

Other Equipment

  • Waterproof backpack
  • Lightweight pliers with line cutters and lanyard
  • Tailing glove attached to belt with caribena
  • Hydration (water bottle / hydration pack)
  • Lycra shorts (very important to avoid chafing.)


  • Custom fly packs available through The Guide’s Company

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