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Situated 470 km from Santa Cruz de la sierra in Bolivia situated in a National Park where every year a migration of many fish species takes place. Following these schools of fish are the ferocious Golden Dorado .The Dorado is similar to the GT in the way they herd and devour the bait fish, Sabalo and to the tarpon which continually leap high out of the water. The Dorado is armed with small very sharp teeth so fishing with wire connected to a large baitfish imitation is essential.


The other species that you are likely to encounter are the:

Pirapitinga or Pacu which can be taken on a baitfish pattern or by using a fruit imitation.

Yatorana , pound for pound the strongest fighting fish in the area, which is extremely difficult to hook and land due to its small mouth and prolonged aerial displays.

Surubi,which is also known as the tiger catfish can grow up to 20kg.However the average size is from 8 -15 kg.Difficult to catch on a fly but can be caught by sight casting  or blind casting in productive looking water.
















Secure River Lodge offers accommodation for up to six anglers from where you will fish a different beat for the next 3 days. The upper Secure River offers crystal clear water, where the fishing is carried out walking and wading upstream going deep into the mountains. The middle Secure extends from the lodge to the Aguas Negras stream. The high number of sabalos here explain the large numbers of big Dorado that hunt in packs or on their own. The water is darker than the upper Secure which makes the fishing less technical and demanding.

Pluma Lodge  is your new base for the next  3 days. The upper Pluma consists of shallow runs, stones and boulders with deep clearpools. Thissection gives you the best chance of getting the Grand Slam. The Itirizama River undoubtedly offers the more technical fishing in the numerous runs, rapids and waterfalls. You walk and fish this river, through the jungle, so a certain level of fitness is needed. The last stretch of river you fish from this lodge is the lower Secure River. Here you use an engine powered canoe to access the wide river with numerous opportunities to wade the huge sandy areas casting to the cannibalistic Dorado.

For the more adventurous and physically fit anglers new camps have been opened allowing access to the headwaters of the Pluma,Itirizama and Aguas Negras Rivers. These camps are different from the Secure and Pluma lodges with their own guides and staff.

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